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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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reaction continues tonight following cia director david petraeus' resignation. new details about the e-mails that started it all.
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good evening, everyone. nbc news is learning that a complaint against petraeus' biographer is what started the investigation. law enforcement officials say petraeus himself did nothing criminal and will not be investigated. darcy spencer's been gathering latest information for us tonight. darcy? >> reporter: jim, this is a complicated story. we're going to make it as simple as we can. sources tell nbc news the fbi recently began investigating complaints from a woman who said she'd been receiving harassing emails. that investigation led to the discovery of emails between petraeus and his biographer that indicated they were having an affair. retired general david petraeus resigns in disgrace from his post as head of the cia after acknowledging what he called unacceptable behavior. he admitted to cheating on his wife of more than 37 years, holley pa trahal
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holly petraeus. it involved an affair between petraeus and another woman who was not related to petraeus. she complained to the fbi because she felt she was being harassed. the families, officials say, were traced to paula bradwell. that's what led to the discovery of her intimate relationship with the fore-star general. >> it's so politically sensitive that my guess the decision was made near or at the top level of the fbi to sit down with general petraeus and have a discussion with him and let him know that this information had been discovered. >> reporter: broadwell, who is also married, had openly talked about her access to petraeus as recently as september. that's when she co-hosted a bash queue stewart to -- barbecue with jon stewart to raise funds. >> i was embedded in afghanistan with general petraeus. it was confusing because i'm also a military reservist with a top secret clearance and then some. a lot of my former peers didn't know how to treat me. >> reporter: multiple sources tell nbc news that the
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investigation came to a head on election day. that's the first time the intelligence community had learned of the allegations. they say president obama found out on thursday. he met with petraeus who then offered his resignation. the president allowed himself 24 hours to think it over, then accepted the resignation on friday. some feel he should have allowed petraeus, the former commander of combat forces in afghanistan and iraq, to stay. >> there's no criminal conduct involved. it's basically a matter for him and his family. >> reporter: the a.p. is reporting tonight a former petraeus spokeswoman says the retired general is truly remorseful for the affair and is trying to heal with his family. petraeus was to testify this week about the attack in benghazi, libya. the acting cia director will take his place. >> darcy spencer, thank you. a tv station in chicago says tonight jesse jackson jr. is working out a plea deal on charges of misusing campaign funds. jackson was re-elected to
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congress tuesday despite missing the last five months for treatment of bipolar disorder. he's accused of using campaign cash for personal expenses including imprivatement to his home in d.c. -- improvements to his home in d.c. the chicago affiliate says the plea deal would likely include jail time and require him to resign from congress. it took four days, but now we know officially that president obama won the state of florida in tuesday's presidential election. florida didn't finish counting its absentee or provisional ballots until today. after record turnout with more than eight million ballots cast, the president beat mitt romney by about 74,000 votes. it's a big enough margin to avoid an automatic recount. the president won every swing state according to nbc news, except north carolina. some residents along the new jersey coast got to return home today. residents of long beach island were allowed back for good. residents of seaside heights
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were escorted in by bus for just a few hours. they were allowed to grab whatever they could or whatever wasn't destroyed by superstorm sandy almost two weeks ago. it is still unclear when they will be allowed back to stay. >> can't do anything to my house until i'm allowed to come back. and mold will set in, and -- more damage could occur. if i'm not allowed to come back here for six months to rebuild, you might as well tear my house down. >> more than 4,000 new jersey residents are still living in shelters. and there are more than 185,000 people without power across several states. here at home we're enjoying mild november weather. another nice day in store for tomorrow. steamer te storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here. >> good evening. a pleasant evening outside. kind of on the chilly side, but it is november after all. by november standards and compared to the last few weeks, it's not all that cold out there. overnight lows are not going to
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be dropping like they have been the last couple of mornings. 48 downtown. 44 at andrews air force base. 51 in annapolis. 43 in leesburg. and storm team 4 radar shows no rain to worry about. we're going to stay dry all the way through at least tomorrow, as well. it will be veterans day, much warmer, tons of sunshine. highs nosing in near 70 degrees on your sunday. what about your monday and a chance for thunder on tuesday? we'll talk about that you will with the seven day coming up. >> all right. thanks. an accident between a pedestrian and a motorcycle left two people dead in prince george's county. happened in the 3900 block of branch avenue in suitland around 4:00. police say the motorcyclist hit the pedestrian and both were killed. officials stay appears the pedestrian was homeless. neither victim's been identified. police say the pedestrian was not in the crosswalk at the time of the crash. two teens faced a judge today charged with murdering a d.c. cabbie earlier this week. the parents of 17-year-old linda
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berry were seen walking out of court this afternoon. berry and 17-year-old joshua mubane are accused of killing the cabbie earlier this week in northeast. co-workers at midway cab say his name is muhammad kadir. police found his car wednesday night on brentwood parkway near gallaudet university. they say he was shot in the head. co-workers say violence against cabbies is not uncommon. >> a lot of times this happen, especially mugging goes on. we have a couple of report like that but never had anything serious like this. >> police say the motive for the killing was robbery. both teens are being held without bond. more veterans than ever are unemployed. and today there was a push to get those veterans to work now that they're home from war. there was a career fair for veterans today at george mason university. employers from geico to northrop grumman came tout talk to job candidate. one local company's also doing its part to hire war heroes.
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two marines moving is a growing moving company that's hired 35 veterans this weekend alone and is hoping to hire 50 by the end of the weekend. anyone interested can still apply. there are several events tomorrow around our nation's capital to mark veterans day. arlington cemetery holds its annual veterans day service which includes a wreath laying at the tomb of the unknown soldier at 11:00 a.m. at mt. vernon, a wreath will be placed at george washington's tomb to honor the country's first commander in chief. there will also be a patriotic concert performed by a veteran barber shop quartet at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. there will be a special veterans day tribute at the vietnam veterans memorial at 1:00 p.m. and a similar service will take place at the same time tomorrow at the navy memorial. a high-profile resignation of another kind. this time across the pond. what led the top executive at the bbc to step down. the vatican's response to several states' recent appval of marriage equality this week.
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and the pint-sized bandit caught on camera swiping cash
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the bbc's top executive resigned today over a scandal involving news reports about child sexual abuse. "news night," the press teenls news magazine, wrongly implicated the british politician in a sex abuse scandal earlier this month. last year the network decided not to run a report about allegations against one of its most popular hosts, b director george entwistle. he resigned saying it was the honorable thing tdo.
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the vatican is speaking out against gay marriage after voters in maryland, maine, and washington state voted for marriage equality this week. the holy city says human society was founded on the structure of marriage between a man and woman and called on catholics to continue fighting to uphold church teaching in the face of "politically correct ideologies." maryland's new law allowing gay documents marry takes effect in january. a thief strikes a nile salon in south florida last weekend, and it's caught on this surveillance tape. but what's making headlines is the brazen -- the age of the brazen bandit. the video shows the suspect could be younger than 10-years-old. he got away with $900 in cash. police have no suspects but are still actively investigating the case. thanksgiving right around the corner. that means the annual thanksgiving day parade, and today macy's began testing some of its new balloons. and a warmup this weekend, but how long will it last?
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the thanksgiving day parade is less than two weeks away now. macy's spent the day today testing some of its new balloons. got papa suffer some, elf on the -- papa smurf, elf on the schepp shelf a -- on the shelf and hello kitty. plenty people came tout get a preview in east rutherford, new jersey. you can watch the 86th annual thanksgiving day parade here on
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nbc 4. >> i was going to say, it's more interesting to see it go down 34th street in new york city as opposed to through a parking lot in east rutherford, new jersey. >> it's fun to see up close because they're so huge. you wonder how do they make their way down that -- >> a lot of people holding on for dear life. >> exactly. >> that's usually how. >> can you forecast it for us? >> that's a little too far out. >> come on. >> it's wind dependent. i'm not going to do a wind forecast 12 days in advance for new york city. we'll narrow it down closer until the day before, then we'll let you know with more certainty. around here we finally turn the corner on our cold stretch of weather. 12 days in a row colder than average until today when we broke the streak. 65 for your high temperature this afternoon. i think we might be able to do a little bit better on your sunday. another nice looking night outside tonight. skies have gone mostly clear. we had an extra batch of cloud cover during the afternoon today. those clouds are now gone, and we're going to be partly to mostly clear for the rest of the
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overnight hours tonight. kind of a quiet night. temperatures iran tumbling like they have -- aren't tumbling like they have in recent weeks because of more moisture in the atmosphere. dew points in the 30s to 40s. temperatures will not fall near as quickly. winds are light, and with a clear sky and light breeze it will be chilly in the morning but not as cold as it has been. temperatures, 51 in annapolis. already into the upper 30s in frederick county, maryland, upper 30s from prince william county toward southern fauquier county for the blue ridge, as well. a lot going on around the area for tomorrow. one of them, since the redskins are smart enough to take the week off, the ravens home tomorrow playing the raiders. temperature in the 60s, sunny, mild with a light south breeze. that's obviously at m&t bank stadium between 1:00 and 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. talk about the change of the seasons. it's snowing across parts of the midwest right now. i started looking back at the record books. remember our great veterans day snowstorm?
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the all-time november record here, 11.5 inches of snow, 11-11-87. we are not going to get nearly a foot of snow here tomorrow. where it is snowing, stormy 70s with severe weather. overnight weather in the severe categories for parts of kansas, missouri, iowa, and snowy 20s on the back side of that. about a 50-degree temperature drop between western iowa and eastern nebraska. that much colder air is coming in our direction. we will not need to worry about the snowflakes. but a big cool design on the way. calm, quiet overnight. a super sunday coming tomorrow. plenty of sunshine for everything you want to do outside. moisture surging in from the gulf and from the atlantic will eventually come up the frontal boundary. we will end up with a mostly cloudy day on monday. it's still going to be very mild with temperatures flirting with 70 on monday, as well. with so much cloud cover around, it won't be as pretty a day as tomorrow. so overnight tonight, skies continuing to clear out. seasonally chilly.
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most everybody in the low to mid 40s. there will be a few upper 30s on the map. tomorrow, mostly sunny, warmer, perfect weather for all of vi d veterans day activities. very nice weather for your veterans day tomorrow. then mild again on monday with a lot of cloud cover around. still an opportunity for, yes indeed, thunderstorms on tuesday. a little unusual for us to get thunderstorms in november. but not unheard of. then dry, cool weather for the rest of the week. tweeting interesting tidbits about november storms here and afar. >> and 70s on the forecast for november. >> we like that. 70s in november. >> enjoy it. thanks, chuck. coming up in sports, the wizards get a win stolen from them against the pacers.
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what happened to the wizards? >> wow, they have a chance to be relevant now with everything going on, the cops and everything -- didn't take advantage of it. they did not take advantage of it. >> they blew their chance -- >> they blew it! >>el are event -- >> i don't know. i don't know. gone are the residue of andre blatche, mcgee, and young. this group has a lot to learn. closing out game is one of them. in indiana looking for a first win of the year, fourth quarter, wizard led by as many as seven. now up two, tyler hansbrough picks the pocket. we're tied at 75. late in the game, wizards down
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seven. a.j. price kicks it out. theistry that rig three is righ needs to be. price with the career high 14 dimes against his former team. wizard down four. under ten seconds left to gain. crawford to trevor booker. booker's shot will not go. wizards fall 89-85. they're now 0-5 on the year. i don't think i've ever seen a team more decimated by injuries than the maryland football team. on ton of losing their first four quarterbacks, now wide receiver stefan diggs and running back wes brown are out with ankle situations. they were going struggle to beat clemson even with all their parts. it got ugly down there without those parts. the group may have lacked point today but did not lack integrity and fight. pick it up in the first quarter. terps trailing by seven. sean petty issues on the rollout. that's cory crawford. and that's a big man's dream.
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16 yards to pay dirt. clemson up 14-0. not all bad for petty and the terps. second quarter finds campbell 17-yard hookup. maryland finally on the board. fourth quarter now, clemson is not letting off the gas. backup quarterback cole stout hits it for the four-yard touchdown. number 13 clemson wins big, 45-10. can't dwell too long, florida state comes to college park next weekend. uva hosting miami in charlottesville. this one absolutely crazy. pick it up in the fourth quarter, miami with a 31-28 lead. steven morris connects with phillip dorsett. and that's a 35-yard strike. three touchdowns on the day for morris. under 15 seconds to go. up five, flag on fourth down gives uva and michael rocco a
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second chance. rocco cashes in. jake mcgee wows -- win this dramatic fashion. 41-40 the final. west virginia visiting oklahoma state mountaineers coach used to be on mike gundy's staff. pick it up second quarter, cowboys up 21-7. gino smith will find tavon austin. guys, that's pure speed. west virginia within seven. fourth quarter now, oklahoma state up 48-34, trying to add to that. hands off to jeremy smith, and that's even more speed. 21 yards to mountaineers fall to the cowboys, 55-34. navy down in alabama visiting the trojans. pick it up in the third. navy down ten. keenan reynolds out to gigi greene. you like that, guys? gigi is gone, gone.
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59 yards. bye-bye. 31-28. navy pulls to within three. the trojans battle back. fourth quarter, troy in its own -- detroit in its own handoff. faking the handoff. the four-yard touchdown, they beat navy 41-31. d.c. united's first trip back to the post season in five years has been memorable to say the least. two ejections, a goal, snowstorm delay, and will still missing their best player. now that most storied franchise in mls history is back in the conference final. i'd advise you to win at home tomorrow because ben olsen's team has not lost at rfk since the season opener in march. this is a great group. >> it's a good group. it's a group of good guys that are willing to fight and back each other up. and they're selfless. so that as a base is very positive. you know, we've had a little
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luck along the way, but who hasn't, you know? you need that. i just think we've got some guys with real character. you start to add enough guys up with character things tend to go right for them. >> i like what i'm seeing. i like that. i'm a soccer guy, so i like what i'm seeing. >> all right. you heard it here first. thank you, lou. that's our news for tonight. "saturday night live's" coming up next. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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